At This is Your Motherhood

We believe in real parenthood, in living honest, ‘perfectly imperfect’ lives, where things aren’t always flawless, in place, or on time. And in telling truths about the practical and emotional challenges which mothers and fathers face during this transition.

We recognize that every person and every experience is different, and what works for one parent may not work for another. And so, we strive to nurture new mothers and fathers as they create and experience the mother (and father) hood that works best for their family.

We believe that preparing for your postpartum experience is as important as preparing for pregnancy and birth. We are advocates for increasing awareness about maternal and paternal mental health and obliterating taboos around asking for help.

We collaborate with healthcare providers specialized in Family Therapy, Maternal Mental Health, Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition, Birth Trauma, Grief and Loss.

We are passionate about ‘all things motherhood’, and though we may refer to mothers as she/her, we are proud to support fathers, and are open and happy to support any person, regardless of sex, gender and identification, in the parenting team.

We’ve created a safe, comfortable place we think you’ll love. And we look forward to being part of your journey.

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